SmartCost Incorporated


Industry 4.0 is a real time approach to decision making, enabled by integrated technologies and reliable data.  Coupled with advanced automation and IIoT solutions, the Factory of the Future will help companies to respond profitably to changing customer demands, faster time to market, increased productivity, and lower production costs.

As a Business Reimagineer ™ we are in the business of helping you reimagine your business in the era of Industry 4.0

Top Line Growth

  • Digital Transformation strategy development & deployment
  • Data Analytics & KPI tools for real-time visibility & decision making
  • Remote monitoring & maintenance solutions 
  • Custom sensors & IoT solutions
  • Project Management support

Bottom Line Impact

  • Manufacturing & Supply Chain optimization
  • Business Process Automation (RPA)
  • Process Simulation
  • Custom sensors & IIoT solutions
  • Automation design & implementation
  • MES implementation support

Risk Mitigation

  • Crisis Management & Business Continuity planning
  • Change Readiness support
  • QA Automation
  • Data Analytics
  • Real-time data visibility (Dashboards)

Our mission is to help customers reimagine their business by leveraging technology and advanced manufacturing capabilities in the era of Industry 4.0 and Big Data, to be a viable solutions provider that the Market demands.

Our Focus

Flying Kites

Keynote Speaker:
Industry 4.0 & Factories of the Future
Digital Transformation
Industry Trends, Women & Mfg

Harnessing the power of Data
Business Process Design
Lean Transformation

Flying Kites

Strategy Development:
Digital Transformation
Manufacturing & Supply Chain Operations
Change Management
Strategy Execution:
Manufacturing Growth & Optimization
Supply Chain Management
Operations Management
Digital Transformation

Flying Kites

Prototype Support:
IoT Solutions Development
3D printing

Digital Transformation:
Process Automation (RPA)
Process Integration
Sensor & Data Integration
Data Analytics
ERP & MES Implementation Support

Flying Kites

Build effective PPP

FoF Partnerships:
AR Training Solutions
Collaborative Robots
New Market Startups


Keynote Speaker: Industry 4.0, Factory of the future, Digital Transformation, Women & Mfg

Trainer: Trends in Industries, Harnessing the power of Data Lean: Manufacturing & Systems  Measures , Metrics, OKR


Strategy Development: Digital Transformation, Operations Execution Strategy, Change Management

Strategy Execution: Footprint Optimization, Supply Chain Mgt, Operations Mgt, Technology & Product Roadmaps


Prototype Support: IoT Prototyping / validation, 3D printing

Operations & Efficiency: Process Automation, Process Improvement, KPI Development, Data Analytics, Continuous Improvement


Support: Build effective PPP, Standardization, Education

FoF Partnerships: AR Training solutions, Collaborative Robots, Automation, Startups