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Digital Transformation

The Industrial Internet of Things Vocabulary

This technical report specifies a common set of definitions for terms that are considered relevant and important to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to be used by all IIC documentation

Global Innovation Index 2021

Who will finance innovation? This edition sheds light on the state of innovation financing by investigating the evolution of financing mechanisms and pointing to progress and remaining challenges - including in the context of the economic slowdown by COVID 19 crisis.

From Internet To Robotics: 2020 Edition

A Roadmap for US Robotics. In the US the industrial robotics market has grown 10+% every year and the market has so far seen less than 10% penetration. US is today using more robots than it has before.

Re-imagining Digital Oilfield with I4.0 & Big Data

In the era of Industry 4.0, it may be hard to imagine that an industry as old and established as Oil & Gas has been leveraging technology and innovation since the years following WW II to optimize cost and improve throughput

How are Mechatronics and Industrial Automation Different?

Mechatronics and industrial automation are two fields that overlap to some extent. Here's a definition of each plus how they benefit the manufacturing sector.

The Future of Work is Through Workforce Ecosystems

The Future of the Workforce initiative explores divergent strategies, as some organizations seek to make their human resources more transactional while others look hard at how to make better bets on longer-term human capital cultivation and returns.
A MIT Sloan Management Review in collaboration with Deloitte: 2021

Upskilling for Shared Prosperity

Upskilling for Shared Prosperity is a call to action. It makes the economic case for providing employees with learning and development opportunities to expand their horizons while minimizing skills gaps.

World Economic Forum Insight Report in collaboration with PwC: January 2021

Successful circular economy 'trailblazers' do these 5 things: Report

Trailblazers are the subject of a new report from the World Economic Forum and impact organization ScaleUpNation. The special study was conducted to better understand these entrepreneurs with research centered on innovators within the circular economy given the $4.5 trillion opportunity they present for both job creation and economic development.
This article is part of the Davos Agenda

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Deloitte 2022 Manufacturing Industry Outlook: A midyear Update

From talent scarcity to remaking supply chains and leveraging digital technologies to accelerate operational efficiencies to scale, this Deloitte report provides an outlook for 2022

SmartSupplies USA: Fluoropolymer safety screens to reopen businesses safely

A revolutionary glass replacement to protect against dust, dirt and viruses while providing an immersive environment with light and sound transparency. FDA approved, highly resistant to chemical damage, considered self-cleaning due to its nonstick surface and offers excellent fire resistance properties.

Airbus plans to launch a carbon-free aircraft by 2035

The "ZEROe" initiative includes concepts for two conventional looking aircraft: a turbofan jet engine able to carry 120-200 people over 2,000 nautical miles and a turboprop able to carry up to 1000 people for 1,000 nautical miles.
Its the planemaker's latest effort to draw public attention to its 'zero emission' airplanes to be powered by hydrogen.